Image requests


Conditions permitting, you can order scans of magazine and press cutting articles along with scores and archive items, for 60 cents per page (a minimum charge of € 3). Only for your own private use, with acknowledgment of the source (author’s name, etc.) and the digital copy is not distributed or stored. Would you prefer to receive a photocopy by mail? That is also possible. The costs are the same.

At the library, you can make A4 or A3 photocopies yourself for 15 cents per page.

Requesting scans of photo's, posters and object

It is possible to order a scan of most of the photographs, posters and objects from the Atria collection. You can request a scan by filling out the form that is attached to the collection item. Costs are calculated based on the intended usage of the scan. More information about the different kinds of usage  is available within the request form. You can check the status of your request in "My account". 

Private (domestic setting) €10,-, excluding € 2,10 btw (21%) 

Educational (in class at school) €10,-, excluding € 2,10 btw (21%) 

In the media (television, newspaper, website/online) €25,-, excluding 5,25 btw (21%) (cultural) €50,-, excluding 10,50 btw (21%) (commercial) 

On location (exposition, museum, exhibition) €25,-, excluding 5,25 btw (21%) (cultural) €50,-, excluding 10,50 btw (21%) (commercial) 


Archive items, and visual and other materials that are not normally loaned, are available for exhibitions following consultation. For any questions concerning loans, please contact the information desk or fill in this loan application for museums