Atria greatly appreciates donations to our library and archive, both financial and material. When it comes to material donations, we are particularly interested in archives, diaries and photos. 


Atria is a non-profit organization and depends on funds. For this Atria works together with the Aletta Jacobs Fund. This is an independent foundation with the aim of contributing to women's history, emancipation, feminism, gender and women's studies, in all social and national diversity. If you support the preservation of our archive and our contribution to a more equal society, you can support us financially. We really appreciate that! Go to: 


Atria mainly collects material in Dutch about emancipation and the history of women's movements: books, but also other forms of publication such as magazines, objects and posters. We are interested in foreign publications when those elders cannot yet be found in the Netherlands. We are particularly interested in the material on black, migrant and refugee women.

You can easily check in our online catalog whether Atria is already in possession of your books, magazines or other material. 

We have guidelines for recording new material. It is best to send an email to


Atria is always looking for special archives. The collection of Atria is constructed by archival materials that are donated by people and organisations who played a part in the women's movements. Do you own or know about an archive that could be valuable addition to the collection of Atria? Or are you curious whether your documents, photographs or diaries could fit in an archive? Fill in this form and the archivist will get in touch.

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After assessment of your offer (at the end of each month), our archivist will contact you as soon as possible.

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