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To borrow books, you need to be a member of the library.

An annual subscription costs €29. With this membership, you will also be able to access a number of external collections at home.
Students can take out a subscription for €10 for the first year.
The Adamnet pass is no longer valid.
You can become a member in the library of Atria upon presentation of a valid ID, and foreigners need to show an address confirmation. You can also register online.

Accessing the external collections

With an annual membership, you will be able to access a number of interesting collections from your home or any other place online. You can create an account by registering your membership number and send an e-mail with your name and membership number to


With the exception of unique and fragile materials and theses, within the Netherlands and Belgium, you can borrow books, memoranda and reports published after 1950. Maximum of 5 books simultaneously for a period of 4 weeks.

We can also send you books by post, only within the Netherlands and Belgium. Here, you should email your request to Please mention the author, title, location, and number of pages of the books you require. Postage and packing amount to €4 per book along with any additional borrowing charges.


You can renew your books either by phone or by sending an email to Unless the books have been reserved, you will be able to renew them for 4 weeks on a maximum of 5 occasions.


If you fail to return your books on time, you will pay €1 for each book and for each week.
November 2023: fine-free month. You don't pay a fine if your books are late!

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Year subscription (€ 29 per year) Year subscription students (first year € 10)

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