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"Transformation Processes in eastern Europe"
March 6 and 7, 1997
Place: De Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102,
Conference organized by the Foundation for
Economic, Socio-Cultural and Environmental
Sciences (ESR); Council for Social Science
Research and the Foundation for Law and
The results of research on the ESR priority theme
Transformation Processes in eastern Europe will
be presented and discussed at this conference.
Issues for a new research agenda will also be
proposed. After nearly a decade of transformation
in this part of the world, researchers should
consider topics like the restructuring of political
institutions, the shifts in political preferences, the
changing perception of environmental issues,
continuities and discontinuities in social
stratification, the upsurge of ethnic tension in
some areas, the distribution of housing and
employment, and migration flows. The above
mentioned thems will be the point of focus in
keynote peeches and discussions.
For information please contact:
Renée Bruel, Foundation ESR
P.O. Box 93.120, 2509 AC The Hague
tel: 070-3440857/852
e-mail: Bruel@nwo.nl

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