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Regional/Member Updates
Updates from the
Advocacy Update
'To make economic change,
women need to demand and
claim their rights. From the
Beijing Platform for Action,
to the Convention on the
Elimination of all Forms of
Discrimination Against
Women, to the ILO
Conventions including the
new one on domestic
workers, and other treaties.
All around the world changes
are happening in women's
lives - in many countries,
women are discovering new
freedoms, exploring new
horizons and breaking away
from old patterns,
stereotypes and limitations.'
- Michelle Bachelet Statement for
the 12th International Association
of Women in Development Forum
on Women's Rights and
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Dear Members and Friends,
Greetings from GAATW International Secretariat.
In Thailand April is a month with many holidays. April also
happens to be the cruellest month here in terms of
temperature. So the water festival to usher in the Thai New
Year is always a welcome event. People in many other
parts of Asia also celebrate new year around this time. So
Happy New Year to All.
This April turned out to be a busy month at the Secretariat.
There were annual reports and project reports to
complete, data to analyse from focus group discussions,
plan for the workshops in May and June, strategic meetings
to be held and preparations for the CCPCJ-Vienna to be
made. And then there was the wonderful AWID International
Forum in Istanbul to go to which is always an energiser.
The theme of the forum this year was 'Transforming
Economic Power to Advance Women’s Human Rights and
Justice' which brought together more than 2,000 women's
rights advocates from more than 100 countries.
In this issue instead of the usual updates from members and
the secretariat we are initiating a discussion on
participation of women migrant workers and trafficked
persons in efforts that seek to protect their rights. We
hope you will get back to us with your experience. We also
invite you to read the GAATW statement for the 21st
Session of the Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal
Justice on 'Violence against migrants, migrant workers and
their families'.

GAATW E-Bulletin [2012], April - 1/5