“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead
Grandmothers for Peace
Founded 1982
Spring 2012
Barbara Wiedner, Founder, 1928 - 2001
Lorraine Krofchok, Director
- US Military Deaths, 2001-2012: Iraq War = 4,486; Afghanistan War = 1,961
- Cost of The Wars, 2001-2011: $1,329,875,590,321.00 (TRILLION)
- Civilian Deaths, 2001-2011: Iraq = 106,596-116,434; Afghanistan, 2006-2011 = 12,793
(costofwar.com; icasualties.org; iraqbodycount.org; 5-07-2012)
Happy 30th Anniversary to US !!!
Barbara Wiedner and
Raisa Gorbachev, “World
Congress of Women” in
Moscow 1987.
C a s s in i P ro te s t,
C a p e C a n a v e ra l A ir S ta ti o n ,
F lo ri d a , O c to b e r 1 9 9 4 .
Left: Tess Koenig, Lil Corrigan, JoAnne Lingle,
Peg McIntire, Barbara Wiedner, Bernice Kring,
Lorraine Krofchok, Kathy Anderson. Seated:
Father Bill Bischsel, unknown. Fort Benning,
Georgia, School of the Americas protest.
November 1996.
When we reach a certain age it has been
said we become invisible. NO! We have
been very visible for 30 years! Grandmothers for Peace standout in a crowd — happens
all the time as soon as we put on our shirts
or sign with our organizational name! We are
admired and respected for our work, helping
to make a better, safer world for the future.
In May of 1982, Barbara and a small group
of women got together in her living room,
concerned that nuclear weapons were being
stored at a Sacramento military base. She
wanted to be sure her grandchildren would
have “a future” and Grandmothers for Peace
was born. She traveled the world, promoting
peace and warning about nuclear weapons.
Now, 30 years later we are faced with the
same problems, only much worse.
We have expanded our issues because the problems have expanded.
We now work with computers, get
news instantly, and stay in touch
with rapidity. It gets overwhelming at times. But, I have what
might be a solution. Things are
a mess. But many of us have to
work differently now. If you
can no longer march, stand;
no longer stand for long periods,
Bar bar a Wie dne r, Fou nde r.
2 0 1 2
Lo rra ine Kr ofc ho k an d
Ba rba ra Wi ed ne r.
Se pte mb er 20 01 .

Grandmothers for Peace International [2012], Spring - 1/8