GAATW E-bulletin
June 28, 2005
Dear Members and Friends,
Greetings from GAATW International Secretariat.
This is going to be very short bulletin but we are sending you two really
important reference documents. None of them have anything to do DIRECTLY
with human trafficking. They are not news items about convictions of
traffickers or ‘rescue’ and ‘repatriation’ of trafficked persons. Such news is
important, of course. But aware that many in our Alliance are working on
trafficking within a broad women’s rights and people’s rights perspective, aware
also that many of you had lamented the disconnect of ‘anti-trafficking’ activism
from the broader resistance movements, we are sharing with you the Colombo
Declaration formulated during the strategy meeting in Sri Lanka from June 6-7,
2005 on the upcoming WTO Ministerial Meeting. The declaration expresses
solidarity with peoples and communities fighting back against the WTO and
bilateral, regional and multilateral free trade agreements in Asia, Africa, Latin
America, and other parts of the world. It underscores the negative impacts of
many of these agreements on women who are subjected to worse working
conditions, especially those who are less protected by labour laws and human
rights codes, and face greater job insecurity than men. This declaration calls
for major actions and mobilisations among different groups aimed at preventing
a deal from being reached at the Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting in midDecember 2005.
Some weeks ago we had sent you a web link to a study by Action Aid
International on how development aid works on the ground. In a similar spirit of
critical examination of various efforts to bring in social change, we are sharing
with an article by Stuart Hodkinson entitled “Inside the murky world of the UK’s
Make Poverty History campaign.” Hodkinson is the Associate Editor of Red
Pepper Magazine and an activist-researcher.

GAATW E-Bulletin [2005], June 28 - 1/3