International Federation for Research in Women’s History/
Federation Internationale pour la Recherche en Histoire des
Summer 2003
Issue 34
Plans for the Conference are now well
advanced. A draft of the full programme
is included with this issue of the bulletin.
We will be making adjustments and
changes before the publication of the
final version which we will make
available on the Federation’s website: So
check it at regular intervals.
It is very heartening and a great honour
in this time of international crises to host
a truly international conference. At the
last count, there were thirty-nine
countries and five continents represented
on the programme.
The best part of an international
conference is usually the opportunity it
provides to meet with scholars from
different countries and a variety of
intellectual backgrounds. We have,
therefore, organised the programme so
as to leave as much time as possible for
discussion. We hope that as many
people as possible will get an
opportunity to contribute to panel
discussions and that there will be many
opportunities for scholars and
researchers with similar interests to meet
and talk. So come prepared to talk!
Belfast has a reputation for being a
friendly city so we hope that you will
enjoy your time here. We are certainly
looking forward to welcoming
Best wishes from Belfast.
Mary O’Dowd
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Message from our President
Conference Note: There will be a meeting of national
committee representatives for 3.00 pm on 11 August in the
School of History at Queen's University.
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