1. Editor’s Note
Papers presented at the seminar:
2. Why include women in politics? / Valve Kirsipuu
3. Where does political power reside? / Ilvi Cannon
4. Language and political power / Kristiina Ross
5. Legal framework for elections / Liina Tõnisson
Identifying Political Issues and Finding
Solutions: Experiences from Finland / Anne Holli
Workshop summaries:
How to handle media?
How to work together?
How to read legal texts?
How to identify local issues?
How to win elections?
Conferences and seminars
ENUT roundtable / Marika Truumure
Femina Baltica
Summer school
Other events
Library news
Future plans
1. Editor’s Note
This is the third issue of ENUT News. Our principal focus is on the May seminar
ENUT sponsored in anticipation of the October local elections, and a concomitant
analysis of the election returns from the perspective of women candidates. The oneday seminar, Estonian Women and Local Politics: Strategies and Tactics, was held on
May 7, 1999 at the Tallinn Pedagogical University.
The seminar
After welcoming remarks by Mait Arvisto, the university’s rector, Population
Minister Katrin Saks delivered a brief speech containing encouragement for women to
be involved in politics. The morning plenum, chaired by ENUT Administrative
Director Selve Ringmaa, included speakers who addressed the question of power
relationships in language and politics, and the importance of knowing legal precepts
in the conduct of elections. Panel discussion: incumbent women politicians shared
their experiences with the audience and gave practical suggestions on how to win
elections. The afternoon plenum’s topic was identifying political issues and finding
solutions, featuring speakers from Nordic countries.
The seminar ended with workshops that explored such diverse topics as: how
to handle media? how to read legal texts? how to network? how to identify issues in
your locality? and on tactics for winning elections.
Closing address was given by Administrative Director Selve Ringmaa.
The Norwegian Foreign Office contributed funds to reimburse the
transportation costs of women coming from regions outside Tallinn.
The seminar was attended by 90 women from all parts of the country.

Enut news [1999], 3 - 1/15