Brussels, November/December 1978 - no. 6/78
Happy New Year.
As a new year dawns, it is tradicional
to exchange good wishes and express hopes. But hopes and wishes
clepend on chance or fate. Now, more than ever, it depends on us
whether this new year, L979, will be good or bad.
Good or bad, the year is bound to be a difficult one. In Europe,
the crisis of growth is combined with the economic crisis.
There is no dearth of issues of concern: the elections, the
r:ole of the institutions, enlargement of the Couununity.
What about women? Against this stormy background, the women
of Europe are organiztng themselves and fighting for their
They are helping each other and becoming better
informed without worrying very much about past differences
and entrenched habits.
Women are on the move. In spite of everything. In face of
every obstacle. This is the reason why Ehe year will be a good
The Editor
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Women of Europe [1978], 6 (nov-dec) - 1/36