GAATW E-bulletin
14 July 2005
Dear Members and Friends,
We are writing in the shadows of the London bombings and would like to
express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the innocent victims
of the explosions. Many analysts say that this was uninvitingly predictable.
Many also blame the ‘intelligence experts’ for not having been able to stop this
from happening. The loss of innocent lives, in London, Baghdad or Afghanistan is
shocking and such actions should be condemned. What is deeply worrying,
however, is the way the bombings in London are being interpreted by some
powerful leaders. Reading these events as civilization versus barbarism, and `our
values' against ‘theirs’ creates a simplistic and dangerous worldview which fuels
hatred and suspicion among people. The ‘war on terror’ only begets more wars,
more terror and more losses.
In this issue of the e-bulletin, we bring you some news from the 7
the symposiums in Japan which Jiraporn and Bandana from the GAATW IS
participated in. We also have some information for you on upcoming events and
references to a couple of recent publications on human trafficking.
ICAAP and GAATW Symposiums in Japan
The Seventh International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (7th
ICAAP), a conference to facilitate international cooperation on prevention, care
and treatment of HIV/AIDS, took place at the International Conference
Center Kobe (ICCK) in Kobe, Japan from July 1 to 5. Under the main theme
"Bridging Science and Community," the congress aimed to foster a sense of
solidarity in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Asia-Pacific region and
encourage the Japanese government to increase its efforts in this field.
representatives, policymakers and medical experts.

GAATW E-Bulletin [2005], July 14 - 1/5