London School of Economics, Gender Institute
ISSN No:1470-8515
New Working Paper Series
Gail Wilson (
Issue 5, November 2001
This discussion paper series is designed to bring new ideas and new findings in the
field of gender studies into the public arena. The authors welcome comments.
Karen Throsby is a final year research student and part-time lecturer at the LSE
Gender Institute. Her PhD research is a study of experiences of IVF failure,
reflecting her wider academic interests around issues of gender, technology, health
and the body. (
The Gender Institute was established by the London School of Economics in 1993 to
address the major intellectual challenges posed by contemporary changes in
gender relations. The Director is Professor Anne Phillips.
The research work of the Institute is informed by the belief that all social
processes are ‘gendered’, and that understanding gender relations is therefore a
crucial component in any social science research. Some of the projects undertaken
at the Institute focus directly on the position of girls and women, the
contemporary character of gender relations, and the formation of sexual identities.
Others employ a gendered perspective to address issues not normally considered as
gender concerns. The focus of the research projects ranges across local, national
and international contexts, and the relationship between gender and ethnicity has
become an increasingly prominent concern.
Research work falls broadly into five categories:
• feminist political theory
• social policy, social capital and health
• households, employment and work
• media, new communication technologies, and popular culture
• sexualities, and sexual and gender identities
Applications from those wishing to study for a PhD degree are welcome within the
research initiatives outlined above. In addition, the Institute runs five Masters
programme in Gender,1) Gender Relations (2) Gender and Development, (3)
Gender and Social Policy, (4) Gender and the Media and from 2002/3 (5) Gender
For further information on the LSE:Gender Institute and its research and teaching
programmes contact Hazel Johnstone
on tel 0207 955 7602, fax 0207 955 6408, email
postal address: Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE

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