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The feminine symptom

Subtitlealeatory matter in the aristotelian cosmos
CreatorBianchi, Emanuela
Publish PlaceNew York
PublisherFordham University Press
Publish Year2014
PagesXII, 320p.
WER 8 2014 - B
DescriptionTheis book takes as its starting point the problem of female offspring for Aristotle: If form is transmitted by the male and the female provides only matter, how is a female child produced? Aristotle answers that there must be some fault or misstep in the process. This inexplicable but necessary coincidence defines the feminine symptom. Departing from the standard associations of male-activity-form and female-passivity-matter, Bianchi traces the operation of chance and spontaneity throughout Aristotle's biology, physics, cosmology, and metaphysics and argues that it is not passive but aleatory matter--unpredictable, ungovernable, and acting against nature and teleology--that he continually allies with the feminine. Bianchi concludes by connecting her analysis to recent biological and materialist political thinking, and makes the case for a new, antiessentialist politics of aleatory feminism.
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