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In My Language

MakerHettinga, Lieke > kunstenaar
ReeksGRACE Footnotes on Equality
MediumDigitaal fotobestand
PortrayedBaggs, Amanda
Portrayed OrgGender and Cultures of Equality (GRACE), GRACE
SamenvattingDescription provided by the artist: .The object is a YouTube video titled 'In My Language'. The video consists of two parts. In the first part, Baggs communicates in their, what they call, 'native language', and in the second part, a computerized text-to-speech voice shares a statement on oppression and how language and communication figure in exclusionary practices. The video is often written about in online activist communities as well as scholarship on disability.. . .I think Baggs articulates a really powerful critique to normative models of the 'human' that fail to see them as a person. The video offers an insight into their world .while simultaneously challenges the (presumed neurotypical) viewer's capacity to become attuned to their world. The video is not just a statement, it's also a work of .art in its own right and beautiful to watch. It fits with the concept of Equality Otherwise because it addresses what kind of vocabulary we use to address injustice, as .well as the care we take in our capacity to attend to injustices.. .This artwork is part of the project Footnotes on Equality: http://footnotesonequality.eu/all/
Rechthebbende (houder copyright)GRACE

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