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Boys and Girls

MakerPinzari, Raluca > kunstenaar
ReeksGRACE Footnotes on Equality
MediumDigitaal fotobestand
Portrayed OrgGender and Cultures of Equality (GRACE), GRACE
SamenvattingDescription provided by the artist: .This poem opens the Introduction to 'She Grrrowls. The Anthology' edited by Carmina Masoliver. She is the founder of the feminist spoken word night 'She Grrrowls' in London, UK. The book reunites the poems that have been performed on the stage and it was published in 2017 by Burning Eye Press. .The poem addresses the traditional roles that have been assigned to young boys and girls.The text is intentionally in an editing format as if an unseen patriarchal hand is correcting the text to find the mistakes and discover any inaccuracies related to how young girls and boys should be brought up. Carmina Masoliver is highlighting through language how easy we assign roles and invites the reader to ponder upon the implications these roles have throughout the lifetime of young girls.. .This artwork is part of the project Footnotes on Equality: http://footnotesonequality.eu/all/
Rechthebbende (houder copyright)GRACE

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