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Period Tracking Protocol

MakerLevy, Johanna > kunstenaar
ReeksGRACE Footnotes on Equality
MediumDigitaal fotobestand
Portrayed OrgGender and Cultures of Equality (GRACE), GRACE
SamenvattingDescription provided by the author: .I am currently analyzing my auto-ethnography, which is an emotional-digital protocol of the past year. The object aims to illustrate the coding process as well as some of the main issues that come up: privacy, intimacies, digital data-body-interactions, affects, sensations.. .It might question in_equalities between the researcher and the researched (since I am both here) and differences between human and non-human agents.. .This artwork is part of the project Footnotes on Equality: http://footnotesonequality.eu/all/
Rechthebbende (houder copyright)GRACE

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