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Poetry Slam Madrid

MakerPinzari, Raluca > kunstenaar
ReeksGRACE Footnotes on Equality
MediumDigitaal fotobestand
Portrayed OrgGender and Cultures of Equality (GRACE), GRACE
SamenvattingDescription provided by the artist: .The object is a publicity poster for the Poetry Slam Madrid held on the first Wednesday of the month on Augusto Figueroa Street, 3, Intruso Bar. The poster states the rules of the poetry performance competition: 12 poets on stage, each one has three minutes to perform their original poem, the public decides the winner (5 randomly chosen persons from the audience have the role of judges).. . .This poster generally describes the rules of the competition. Even though the structure is symbolically hegemonic, poetry slam ironically subverts this notion: competition in slams is synonymous with collaboration. Held in an open space designed for leisure, poetry performances embrace the participation of anyone willing to express their thoughts and experiences on stage: it created a new generation of poets .and audience members, particularly among those demographics traditionally underrepresented in poetry: youth, women, queer, ethnically diverse poets. Poetry slams create spaces for all categories of people and it brings poetry back to the people.. .This artwork is part of the project Footnotes on Equality: http://footnotesonequality.eu/all/
Locatie: stadMadrid
Rechthebbende (houder copyright)GRACE

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