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MakerLevy, Johanna > kunstenaar
ReeksGRACE Footnotes on Equality
MediumDigitaal fotobestand
Portrayed OrgGender and Cultures of Equality (GRACE), GRACE
SamenvattingDescription provided by the artist: .The object/ image is part of a series of visual collages with the aim to investigate the connections between blood and data flows. It aims to show the materiality of the bodies, machines and flows at work and thus to denude/ uncover/ expose hidden processes.. .Through visibilization, the collage aims to demystify digital technologies and menstrual blood flows. It tries to provide spectators with access to often hidden processes and (cognitive, emotional and physical) spaces.. .This artwork is part of the project Footnotes on Equality: http://footnotesonequality.eu/all/
Rechthebbende (houder copyright)GRACE

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