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World Water Vision : making water everybody's business

World Water Vision : making water everybody's business

MakerTiegreen, Mary > ontwerp
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Rogers, Adam > foto
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Portrayed OrgWorld Water Council
SamenvattingReclame voor het gelijknamige rapport van William J. Cosgrove and Frank R. Rijsberman voor het World Water Vision en World Water Council. De poster bevat de volgende tekst: 'Involve all stakeholders in integrated water resources management. Move towards full-cost pricing of water services for all human uses. Increase public funding for research and innovation in the public interest. Recognise the need for co-operation to improve integrated water resources management in international basins. Massively increase the investments in water. Our Vision is a world in which all people have access to safe and sufficient water resources to meet their needs, including food, in ways that maintain the integrity of freshwater ecosystems. The vision exercises ultimate purpose is to generate global awareness of the water crisis that women and men face and of the possible solutions for addressing it. This awareness will lead to the development of new policies and legislative and institutional frameworks. The world's freshwater resources will be managed in an integrated manner at all levels, from the individual to the international, to serve the interests of humankind and planet earth- effectively, efficiently, and equitable.'
Locatie: stadMarseille
Rechthebbende (houder copyright)Tiegreen, Mary
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