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Sliding backwards

Ondertitelthe impact of California evidence code section 1108 on character evidence, rape shield laws and the presumption of innocence
MakerMcGuiness, C.
Titel tijdschriftHastings Women's Law Journal
Jaar van tijdschrift1998
Nummer van tijdschrijft1
Paginatiep. 97-120
SamenvattingThis article starts explaining the nature and goals prohibiting the use of character against the defendant. Part I and II describe how rape shield laws provided similar protections to complainants in sex crimes. Part III describes section 1108, which explicitly allows character evidence against a defendant in almost every sex-related crime. Part IV points out how the new law is a step backwards in protecting women. It emphasizes the risk that the statute will cause innocent people to be convicted. Finally, it demonstrates how section 1108 violates the constitutional principles of fundamental fairness and reciprocity which may weaken the rape shield laws we now take for granted.
Thesaurusterm (NL)seksueel geweld
Verenigde Staten

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