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Witness to revolution

Ondertitelthe Advocate reports on gay and lesbian politics, 1967-1999
MakerBull, Chris > (ed.)
Uitgave plaatsLos Angeles
UitgeverAlyson Books
Uitgave jaar1999
PaginatieXVII, 429p.
VindplaatsVS 3 1999 - B
SamenvattingAmong the radical magazines, news sheets, and bulletins that surfaced in the heady climate of the late 1960s, none can compare with the venerable Advocate, rightly described as 'the world's premier chronicle of the lesbian and gay civil rights movement.' In this book Chris Bull compiles dozens of trenchant and timely articles on politics from the magazine's first 32 years, ranging from descriptions of bar raids and early, celebratory coverage of the first openly gay elected officials to some of the first (woefully belated) articles on AIDS and, later, the rise of the religious right.

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