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The new woman in print and pictures

Ondertitelan annotated bibliography
MakerWoods, Marianne Berger
Uitgave plaatsJefferson
Uitgave jaar2009
PaginatieVII, 192p.
VindplaatsB 054 2009 GR BR
SamenvattingAlthough feminist women have existed throughout history, the term 'New Woman' wasn't officially coined until 1894, when British novelists began to address the concept of the New Woman through discussions of female suffrage, dress reform, women's advances toward more legal rights, birth control, sexual freedom, and women working outside the home. This annotated bibliography includes original novels and articles printed from 1894 to 1944, the era most closely associated with the New Woman. It includes all period novels with a New Woman protagonist and all period articles with the New Woman as primary subject, along with several poems, cartoons, advertisements, and artworks. The bibliography also includes critical literature published worldwide from the 1960s to 2008 that examines the primary material included in the first section. Because the New Woman was the target of many derisive articles, poems, and visual works, these critical response pieces are included.

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