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Nostalgia or perversion?

Ondertitelgothic rewriting from the eighteenth century until the present day
MakerElferen, Isabella van > [ed]
MedewerkerLima, Maria Antonia
Uitgave plaatsNewcastle
UitgeverCambridge Scholars Publishing
Uitgave jaar2007
PaginatieVIII, 266p.
VindplaatsWER 54 2007 - A
SamenvattingThis book presents an interdisciplinary approach to an aspect of Gothic texts, films, and music: that of rewriting. From the eighteenth-century Gothic novel to present-day vampire films and Goth music, the genre is characterised by its nostalgic reflection on past worlds, narratives, and identities. Gothic nostalgia is often accompanied by a transgressive drive, resulting in perversions of the rewritten past—the modern vampire is no longer embodied evil but an attractive dandy, while Goth subcultures reflect on Victorian aesthetics but pervert them by adding fetishist elements.This book brings together the early Gothic novel, present-day female and black Gothic literature, Goth subculture and music, and the imagery of horror films and comic books, thus broadening the definition of ‘Gothic’ from a literary genre to a gesture of pervasive cultural criticism.

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