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The sex lives of saints

Ondertitelan erotics of ancient hagiography
MakerBurrus, Virginia
Reeks'Divinations: rereading late ancient religion'
Uitgave plaatsPhiladelphia
UitgeverUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
Uitgave jaar2004
PaginatieVI, 216p.
VindplaatsB5879 - B
SamenvattingThis publication frames historical, theological, and theoretical issues, with particular reference to the work of Michel Foucault and Georges Bataille, David Halperin and Geoffrey Harpham, Leo Bersani and Jean Baudrillard. The author subsequently proceeds through close, performative readings of the earliest Lives of Saints, mostly dating to the late fourth and early fifth centuries - Jerome's Lives of Paul, Malchus, Hilarion, and Paula: Gregory of Nyssa's Life of Macrina: Augustine's portrait of Monica: Sulpicius Severus's Life of Martin: and the slightly later Lives of so-called harlot saints. The publication not only offers new readings of both sex and sanctity but also provides insight for ongoing feminist discussions of gender, moving beyond questions about women's social roles to consideration of the gendered subjectivities constructed and deconstructed within the erotic economies of ancient hagiographical literature.

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