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The queer cultural work of Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner

MakerReed, Jennifer
Uitgave plaatsBasingstoke
UitgeverPalgrave Macmillan
Uitgave jaar2013
PaginatieXI, 191p.
VindplaatsVS 3 2013 - B
SamenvattingLily Tomlin and Jane Wagner have been partners in life and work for more than forty years. Over those years they have been comedic pioneers in television, sound recording, film, theatre, and animation. They have won numerous prestigious awards and endeared themselves to generations of Americans. Although Lily Tomlin is the famous one-Ernestine ('Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?') and Edith Ann ('And that's the truth.') - her most meaningful work has been created in partnership with Jane Wagner. This book explores the ways they have used and expanded notions of queer to make their unique impact on American culture.

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