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Ondertitelradical women in the black freedom struggle
MakerGore, Dayo F. > (ed.)
Theoharis, Jeanne > (ed.)
Woodard, Komozi > (ed.)
MedewerkerNadasen, Premilla
Uitgave plaatsNew York
UitgeverNew York University Press
Uitgave jaar2009
PaginatieIX, 353p.
VindplaatsVS 6 2009
SamenvattingFrom Rosa Parks and Esther Cooper Jackson, to Shirley Graham DuBois and Assata Shakur, a host of women demonstrated a lifelong commitment to radical change, embracing multiple roles to sustain the movement of black freedom struggle. They were founding numerous groups and mentoring younger activists, helping to create the groundwork and continuity for the movement by operating as local organizers. They were international mobilizers, and charismatic leaders, like Vicki Garvin, a Brooklyn-born activist became a leader of the National Negro Labor Council and Shirley Chisholm, who became the first black Congresswoman.
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