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Violence against women

Ondertitelissues and perspectives
MakerGoel, Aruna > (ed.)
Kaur, Manvinder > (ed.)
Sultana, Ameer > (ed.)
Uitgave plaatsNew Delhi
UitgeverDeep & Deep
Uitgave jaar2006
PaginatieXXVIII, 295p.
VindplaatsV IND 8 2006
SamenvattingThe book seeks to analyse the various forms of violence against women, to look into the socio-cultural and structural causes of such violence, the impact on women's as well as societal health, and the legal interventions which have been made and which can be made. The authors have focused on different aspects of violence including domestic violence, female foeticide and infanticide, socio-cultural causes of violence, impact of globalisation and new technological developments, impact on women's health as well as the legal and judicial interventions.

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