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Feminist philosophy and science fiction

Ondertitelutopias and dystopias
MakerLittle, Judith A. > (ed.)
Uitgave plaatsAmherst
UitgeverPrometheus Books
Uitgave jaar2007
VindplaatsVS 54 2007
SamenvattingUsing selections from writers like Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Karen Joy Fowler, Ursula K. Le Guin, James Tiptree jr., and many others, this collection shows how the imagined worlds of science fiction create hold experiments for testing feminist hypotheses and for interpreting philosophical questions about humanity, gender, equality and more. Four main themes: Part 1, ‘Human nature and reality’, concentrates on whether there is an intrinsic difference between males and females. Part 2, ‘Dystopias: the worst of all possible worlds’, portrays misogynistic societies uncomfortably familiar to the early 21st-century reader. Part 3, ‘Separatist utopias: worlds of difference’, assembles stories that scrutinize both the virtues and vices of separatism. In Part 4, ‘Androgynous utopias: worlds of equality’, the authors create worlds that anticipate the consequences, good and bad, of perfect sexual equality in education, intelligence, capability, and reproduction.

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