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Adventures of the spirit

Ondertitelthe older woman in the works of Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood, and other contemporary women writers
MakerPerrakis, Phyllis Sternberg
Uitgave plaatsColumbus
UitgeverOhio State University Press
Uitgave jaar2007
PaginatieVIII, 321p.
VindplaatsWER 54 2007
SamenvattingThis volume of essays analyzes recent works by contemporary women writers whose characters’ midlife and later life changes are mapped in their narratives. Rather than focusing on the painful losses undergone by women of a certain age, recent narratives explore a kind of adventure of aging, one that is spiritual in nature, enabling new ways of being and becoming, but open-ended and capable of great variation in practice. In particular, these journeys of the spirit focus on the retrospective movement undergone by a midlife or older woman as she is led by inner or outer forces to assess where she has come from and decipher a shape or pattern to her journey. The essays in this book employ a wide variety of critical lenses to chart these adventures, including archetypal, Sufi, post-colonial, and feminist analysis: archival research: aboriginal life writing: and trauma theory. These studies bring a new understanding to women’s adventure of age in both literary texts and in life.

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