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Birth on the threshold

Ondertitelchildbirth and modernity in South India
MakerHollen, Cecilia van
Uitgave plaatsBerkeley
UitgeverUniversity of California Press
Uitgave jaar2003
PaginatieXV, 295p.
VindplaatsB4841 - B
SamenvattingAlso childbirth is affected by globalization and in India the trend is away from home births, assisted by midwives, toward hospital births with increasing reliance on new technologies. And yet the global spread of biomedical models of childbirth has not brought forth one monolithic form of 'modern birth.' Focusing on the birth experiences of lower-class women in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, this book reveals the complex and unique ways in which modernity emerges in local contexts. Through the birth stories of the women of Tamil Nadu in their own voices and their critiques of and aspirations for modern births today the book shows what women think of it. In light of these stories, author Cecilia Van Hollen explores larger questions about how the structures of colonialism and postcolonial international and national development have helped to shape the form and meaning of birth for Indian women today.

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