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The shadow of marriage

Ondertitelsingleness in England : 1914-60
MakerHolden, Katherine
ReeksGender in History
Uitgave plaatsManchester
Uitgave plaatsNew York
UitgeverManchester University Press
Uitgave jaar2010
PaginatieXI, 257p.
VindplaatsGR BR 37 2010
SamenvattingThe author examines the boundaries of the nuclear family in the mid-20th century. It highlights the high level of involvement in children's care by unmarried women and the largely invisible relationships between children and unmarried men. It examines men and women who never married between 1914 and 1960, drawing upon a range of sources including biographies, oral histories, novels, films, government statistics, and social surveys. The book discusses the significance of age, generation, gender in work and non-familial lifestyles, and unmarried men and women's intimate, sexual, familial, and professional relationships.

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