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The incest perpetrator

Ondertitela family member no one wants to treat
MakerHorton, Anne L. > (ed.)
[et al.]
MedewerkerKelly, Robert J.
Uitgave plaatsNewbury Park [etc.]
UitgeverSage Publications
Uitgave jaar1990
VindplaatsVS 3 1990 - B
SamenvattingDeze bundel is onderverdeeld in drie themagedeelten: 1.: Omschrijving van het probleem: 2.: Profielen en identificatie: 3: Behandeling. Dl.1: The incest offender : an overview and introduction / door Jon R. Conte: Meeting the challenge : legal dilemmas and considerations in working with the perpetrator / door Susan R. Bolton en Frank G. Bolten, jr.. Dl.2: A comparative profile of the incest perpetrator : background characteristics, abuse history and noncustodial fathers / door David T. Ballard, Cary D. Blair, Sterling Devereaux, Logan K. Valentine, Anne L. Horton and Barry L. Johnson: Sexual abuse by paternal caretakers : a comparison of abusers who are biological fathers in intact families, stepfathers, and noncustodial fathers ? door Kathleen Coulbourn Faller: Isolation and the adult male perpetrator fo child sexual abuse : clinical concerns / door Jane F. Gilgun en Teresa M. Connor: The grooming process in father-daughter incest / door John R. Christiansen en Reed H. Blake: Adolescent /sibling incest perpetrators / door Lois H. Pierce en Robert L. Pierce: Women as perpetrators of child sexual abuse : recognition barriers / door Craig M. Allen, Sexual addiction / Patrick J. Carnes. Dl. 3: Poem : 'Cindy's poem ...a child's view of incest' / door Kee MacFarlane, Offender identification and current use of community resources / door David T. Ballard, Doran Williams, Anne L. Horton, en Barry L. Johnson: Professional and treatment issues for clinicians who intervene with incest perpetrators / door Lynn M. Roundy en Anne L. Horton: Where do I start? guidelines for clinicians / door Nodie Cox Davis, Vicki D. Granowitz, en Deena D. Levi, Current treatment providers / door Annette Plyer, Cydney S. Wooley, en Troy K. Anderson: Integrated treatment : the self-help factor / door Henry Giarretto en Anna Einfeld-Giarretto, A model program for incestuous families demonstrating cooperation within the military community / door Charlotte H. Shuler: Confidentiality issues with invest perpetrators : duty to report, duty to protect, and duty to treat / door Robert J. Kelly.

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