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To be young was very heaven

To be young was very heaven

Ondertitelwomen in New York before the first world war
MakerAdickes, Sandra
Uitgave plaatsNew York
UitgeverSt. Martin's Griffin
Uitgave jaar1997
PaginatieX, 294p.
Illustratieill. : foto's
VindplaatsVS 1E 1997 - B
SamenvattingThis book is about the generation of young, activist women – most from the upper or middle class – in New York City in the first decades of the 20th century who involved themselves in New York's radical and reform movements, including labour, birth control, women's suffrage, and socialism. The author made sketches of Marie Jenney Howe, a suffragist and founder of the women's club Heterodoxy, settlement worker Jane Addams, socialist feminist lawyer Crystal Eastman, international labor organizer Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

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