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Black women and politics in New York City

MakerGallagher, Julie A.
ReeksWomen in American History
Uitgave plaatsUrbana
Uitgave plaats[etc.]
UitgeverUniversity of Illinois Press
Uitgave jaar2014
PaginatieIX, 249p.
VindplaatsVS 6 2014 - B
SamenvattingThe author documents six decades [1910-1970] of politically active black women in New York City who waged struggles for justice, rights, and equality not through grassroots activism but through formal politics. In tracing the paths of black women activists from women's clubs and civic organizations to national politics - including appointments to presidential commissions, congressional offices, and even a presidential candidacy - she also articulates the vision of politics the women developed and its influence on the Democratic party and its policies. Examining how race, gender, and the structure of the state itself shape outcomes, she exposes the layers of power and discrimination at work in all sectors of U.S. society.

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