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Hermaphroditism, medical science and sexual identity in Spain, 1850-1960

MakerCleminson, Richard
Garcia, Francisco Vazquez
ReeksIberian and Latin American studies
Uitgave plaatsCardiff
UitgeverUniversity of Wales Press
Uitgave jaar2009
PaginatieX, 270p.
VindplaatsZ EUR 3 2009
SamenvattingThe book examines how doctors in Spain conceptualized persons believed to be a mix of male and female during the period 1850–1960, within an increasingly medicalised environment. Spanish scientists actively engaged with imported theories, elaborating local understandings of their own making. The authors examine how growing interest in hermaphroditism reflected social anxieties about shifting gender roles and the increasing visibility of “sexual deviances” such as homosexuality. They emphasize discontinuities between and co-existences of different theories.

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