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Missionaries and mandarins

Ondertitelfeminist engagement with development institutions
MakerMiller, Carol > (ed.)
Razavi, Shahra > (ed.)
MedewerkerMayoux, Linda
Uitgave plaatsLondon
UitgeverIntermediate Technology Publications
Uitgave jaar1998
PaginatieXIV, 226p.
VindplaatsWER 1L 1998 - B
SamenvattingThis publication examines the various strategies of engagement employed by women working to transform the bureaucratic structures of state organizations, multilateral institutions and ngo's to make them more gender-equitable. These strategies involve combining the task of pursuing transformative agendas from within bureaucracies - of being 'missionaries' - while adapting to the techniques and practices of the bureaucracy as a 'mandarin' would have to do. The contributors examine struggles not only at the discursive level, where women's needs are constructed and contested, but also at the institutional level of the rules and procedures of bureaucratic actors, and at the level of resource allocation. Studies from many different countries, including Vietnam, Australia, Canada and Morocco, illustrate both the variety of institutional strategies adopted by feminists in different political and cultural settings, and the highly diverse forms of political action by women which can be seen to constitute feminist politics.

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