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Bracketing sexuality

Bracketing sexuality

Ondertitelhuman rights and sexual orientation - a decade of development and denial at the UN
MakerSaiz, Ignacio
ReeksSPW Working Papers 2
Uitgave plaatsRio de Janeiro
UitgeverSexuality Policy Watch-SPW
Uitgave jaar2005
UitleenstatusNot Loanable/Niet uitleenbaar
SamenvattingThis article evaluates the progress made at the UN in addressing issues of sexual orientation in the decade since the case of Toonen v. Australia. It surveys the body of work done by the UN’s expert human rights mechanisms to develop international standards and hold states accountable for a range of human rights violations based on .sexual orientation. It analyzes some of the challenges for future advocacy and argues that framing sexual-orientation-related rights within a broader concept of sexual rights, including the right to sexual health, may offer important opportunities for overcoming some of the conceptual, political and practical obstacles encountered within the UN system.

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