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Archief Bond van Nederlandsche Vrouwen in Groot-Brittannië 1940-1950

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BoxBrochures en pamfletten. 1939-1945.
Inventory Number56
UnitTitleMobilisation of Woman-Power, planning for part-time work. 1942.
Nursing on active service with the Army. 1944.
Women’s Royal Naval Service. 1944.
‘she joined the ATS' en ‘it’s your chance now’ (in drievoud). 1944.
Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes, NAAFI. [1942].
Report Unions Catering for women workers.
Lend a hand on the land (Volunteer agricultural camps).
Women at war by Egbert P. Booth. Engineering1944. (okt. 27&28).
War Job; man and woman power, 1944. 1 deeltje en 1 katern
War Regulations for V.A.D.’s. 1941. 1 deeltje.
American Women’s Voluntary Services, 'AWVS’, bulletins Nov. 44 en Juni/Juli 1945.
‘International Women’s Day Pictorial’ 1945, waarin alle geallieerde vrouwen aan oorlogswerk uitgebeeld.
Wages Councils Act 1945
Training and Resettlement of disabled persons. 1944.
Egham Centre to help disabled men back to work
Reinstatement in Civil Employment Act 1944.
1944. (okt. 27&28).