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Records GRACE Exhibition Footnotes on Equality

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Processing InformationList by Désirée Vreke and Vasiliki Belia, coordinator of the curation and production of the exhibition in 2020.
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Access NoteOnly to be consulted in the reading room at Atria because of copyright restrictions.
Preferred CitationRecords of GRACE Exhibition Footnotes on Equality, inv.no …, Collection International Archives for the Women's Movement (IAV), in Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History

Historical Note / Geschiedenis

Footnotes on Equality' was an exhibition organized by the fifteen researchers of GRACE - Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe in collaboration with Casco Art Institute, Working for the Commons, Utrecht, the Netherlands between 8 March and 12 May 2019; the exhibition had a physical version, held in the Casco Art Institute and an online version; centered around the multi-year GRACE project (2015-2020) to build a diverse collection of art and everyday objects that serve as indexes for various controversial points around the cultural production of (in)equality;the exhibition included Filming GRACE, a collection of short videos - audiovisual translations of different issues related to social (in)equalities made by GRACE researchers; the collection of objects was also exhibited in ArtLink, Hull, England between 6 September and 11 October 2019; the exhibition was part of GRACE, an ‘Innovative Training Network’ within the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Programme; the GRACE project inquired into the ways cultures of equality are made and remade within and at the borders of Europe; in this cross-European collaboration, were involved fifteen early stage researchers and a wider group of a hundred scholars based in over ten countries; GRACE had systematically investigated from 2016 till 2020 what ‘equality’ means in the European context today; the studies which were made, range from the examination of documentary cinema, theatre, poetry slams and science fiction, to disability, politics and trans visual poetics. The Grace studies also analysed the role of social media and reproductive health apps in social change. GRACE partners included the European Commission, Atria, Institute of Gender Equality and Women’s History, and Hull City Council (UK), and the consortium of Associazione Orlando, Central European University (CEU), University of Bologna, University of Granada, University of Hull, University of Łódz, University of Oviedo, and Utrecht University; see the GRACE project online at http://graceproject.eu and the exhibition at http://graceproject.eu/footnotes-on-equality/


Notes of the meetings of the Grace Exhibition Team 2017-2018; budget and costs document 2019; documents about collection management, -strategy, and -development of the Grace Exhibition Team 2016-2018; collection of all objects with object information 2016-2019; documents from the cooperating partners organizing the physical exhibition 2018-2019; documents of the production and opening of the exhibition at Casco Art Institute and documents transferring the exhibition to ArtLink 2019; documents about (the process of designing) the online exhibition 2018-2019; photos and (Filming Grace) videos 2018-2019; EU Grace research project proposal, and handbooks 2015-2016.


Documents concerning the Grace project. Project proposal, project- and conference handbook and invitation of the project launch. 2015-2016..
Documents concerning and about the object collection. 2016-2018..
Documents of the process of the object collection. 2016-2018..
Photos and videos of the objects that the GRACE researchers collected during the project, as well as documents with information about the objects. With a selection of objects to be part of the exhibition. [2016-2019].
Documents concerning the process of curating an exhibition on the basis of the object collection. 2016-2019..
Documents concerning the progress of the curatorial process, including the texts written by the researchers during the development of the exhibition such as timeline, budget, training needs, and themes of the exhibition. 2016-2019..
Documents concerning meetings, including notes and photographs of meetings that took place either in person, in various places in Europe, or via online communication tools. It also includes documents created in preparation of these meetings, such as agendas, and workshop information. 2016-2018..
Documents comcerning the physical exhibition, created in collaboration with Casco Art Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands (8 March-12 May) 2019 and exhibited afterwards in ArtLink, Hull, England (6 September-11 October). 2018-2019..
Documents created in the process of designing the exhibition with the designer. 2018-2019..
Documents of the Casco Art Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands. With production overview information, floorplan, object labels for the exhibited objects, photos from the installation, the invitation to the exhibition, opening of the exhibition and visitor’s feedback forms. 2018-2019..
Photos from the installation and of the opening of the exhibition at ArtLink in Hull, England. With task list for the installation of the exhibition. 2019..
Documents concerning the online exhibition. With design proposals, the online exhibition objects containing the Filming Grace videos that the GRACE researchers created during the project, which form a part of the online exhibition and screenshots of the website http://graceproject.eu/footnotes-on-equality/. 2015-2019..
Proposals that the designers proposed to the researchers in the process of designing the online exhibition. 2019..
Online exhibition objects. With the Filming GRACE videos. 2018-2019..
Online exhibition texts and screenshots. 2015-2019..